OSHA Training & Custom  Programs

We provide you with Free OSHA resources just for being our client. “Safety  Programs”. through our partner GotSafety.

FREE SAFETY RESOURCES include, Cal/OSHA citation defense, safety program evaluation, and free telephone consultation during regular business hours. Outside of California, filing of appeals and “consultation” regarding OSHA citations is available.

Commercial & Construction Bonds

We offer Low cost Bonding for every business need. Commercial, Construction, Licensing, SBA, Real Estate, all bonding needs.  Obtain Commercial bonds in less than 2 days.

Premium Financed Retirement

Fund your tax free retirement using O.P.M .  Use your plan to care for health challenges and have money left over to protect  key employees, family and your business.   Ensure your Legacy lives on after you are gone.

Business & Commercial Tax Credit Refunds

Increased cash Flow and reduce taxes owed.  Receive Tax Refunds through Cost Segregation, Research & Development and employee tax credits. Receive a refund for  up to six figures on any Commercial  Property and Leasehold Improvements.         

Business Capital/Factoring Equipment Loans 

Get business capital for New & Existing Business, Construction Loans, Equipment financing, Invoice financing and Factoring  from $50k to $10ML. Flexible Lines of credit, Bridge loans. Fast funding, Low interest rates, good credit/low credit score is okay. 

Business Insurance & Health Insurance

Business Liability, Disability, Workers Comp, group Medical,  Life Insurance 401K plans.  Enhanced benefit insurance that provides "BACK UP MONEY" for out of pocket expenses not covered by their health plan.

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